Welcome Charter

A sanctuary is a place of welcome where everyone feels safe.

St John the Baptist is a School of Sanctuary.

When new families join our school, there are lots of things we can do

 to make them feel welcome.

SJB’S Welcome Charter

Children’s ideas from welcoming new children:

Say hello and good morning


Show them around the school- dinner hall, toilets, playground

Play with them

Share with them

Let them play with you

Be friendly

Talk to them

Find out about where they came from

Teach them your language

Translate if you speak the same language

Teacher’s ideas of how to welcome new children and families:

Help children with their work

Teach English and help them to understand

Show children around the school

Encourage children to be friends by giving them jobs to do together

Give children pictures and symbols to help

Give children a welcome booklet

Make sure children can talk to them about any problems so every child feels safe and happy

Speak to parents/carers when they pick their children up from school

Parent’s ideas of how to welcome new children and families

Make conversation with new parents and chat

Introduce themselves and their children

Talk to new children in the playground about school

Invite other parents for a coffee or a cup of tea

Invite other parents and children to dinner at their house to show their favourite food

Offer to bring children to school or offer to pick them up

Involve new parents in school PA activities

Governor’s ideas of how to welcome new families:

Make themselves known to new families

Send a welcome letter/e-mail

Invite new families to school events