Whole School Planning

Planning Bee 2023


At St John the Baptist School, we offer a high-quality geography curriculum that encourages children’s curiosity to learn about our world, both locally and globally. We believe that geography should inspire children to learn about their current and future roles and appreciate the need to live in balance with a rapidly changing environment. Through teaching physical geography, children are motivated to learn more about the forces that shape our planet and how we live within them. Exploring human geography allows children to gain an understanding and appreciation of life in different countries and cultures.

We celebrate the depth of this subject by making it accessible to all learners through many different areas of the curriculum:

Geography at St John the Baptist school allows our children to communicate their findings in a variety of ways and helps them to build a extensive and well-balanced view of our world.

Children at St John the Baptist School are inspired to learn about the world around them through trips, ‘Stunning Starts’ and ‘Fabulous Finishes’ (engaging activities to start new topics), opportunities for outdoor learning and fieldwork activities, in school workshops, and assemblies. The sequence of lessons across year groups uses a range of resources to ensure progressive learning and acquisition of skills.


Geography at St John the Baptist offers all children the knowledge and cultural capital to succeed in the next stage of their education. Our engaging and stimulating curriculum will have a positive impact on all pupils’ learning across the years and they will have a good basis of core geographical knowledge and vocabulary. This will be demonstrated through enthusiastic discussions with pupils as well as evidenced in the quality of their learning in books. Regular dialogue with teachers will also be encouraged to ensure the curriculum is of a high-quality and kept up to date and relevant in a fast-changing climate.

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The Four Seasons

Where Do I live?

In the Desert

Earning a Living

Extreme Earth

Our Local Area


Around the World

Let's Go To the Arctic

Our European neighbours


The Grand canyon

South America


Life in the City

Map makers

The Rainforest

Water World

Countries of the World

Exploring Scandinavia