At St John the Baptist, we take great care in creating an inclusive learning environment and providing appropriate provision for all children to succeed and feel good about themselves as learners.


Class teachers are responsible for the learning and progress of all children in their class. This entails meeting children’s needs through ‘quality first teaching’ (QFT), personalised planning and resourcing and differentiation through levels of support, expectations of outcome, resources or activity.


Some children may require extra support or provision. If you have any concerns about your child’s progress or development during their time with us, please contact your class teacher in the first instance who will be able to discuss your query and involve the SENDCo/Inclusion manager if required.


Mrs Merlo, the SENDCo/Inclusion manager can be contacted via email on


A child has special educational needs if they have specific needs that require special educational provision to be made for them beyond normal class differentiation. Our concern is to identify the needs of pupils as early as possible and to work together with parents and pupils alike to support progress and inclusion in all aspects of the curriculum. Please refer to our SEND report and policy for further information.

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