Subject leader: Mrs Carden 

We aim to provide a caring, Catholic community in which each pupil may come to a deeper knowledge and understanding of the Catholic faith and the way in which it seeks to express the significance of human life. In partnership with the home and parish, we strive to accompany our pupils as they travel on their faith journey. We believe that the relationship with God should be deepened through elements of prayer and worship, which are woven in to the life of the class, the whole school and the wider community.

We follow the religious programme for primary schools ‘Come and See’. As the name suggests, it is an invitation to exploration and a promise of life for everyone. The programme is based on Scripture and the Tradition of the Church. The programme is underpinned by the theology of Vatican II, starting with Revelation – God Speaks. ‘Come and See’ is developed through three themes which are generally explored each season in greater depths. In addition, other faiths are explored to enable the children to develop a wider understanding of the faiths that are followed in their world.

RSHE (Relationship, Sex and Health Education)

Central to our work within the school is learning about our faith, including understanding ourselves, our position in our community and how we develop as human beings – our spiritual, social, emotional and physical development. We use a scheme called ‘Life to the Full’, this permeates through all levels of learning throughout the school. It focuses on friendship, family, community, relationships and spirituality; a guide to the children’s development as young Catholics.

‘Life to the Full’ covers EYFS, KS1 and KS2 and is based on three core themes within which there is a broad overlap. The three themes are:

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