Our Mission

Learning and Growing Together, Unique in God’s Eyes

The Children’s Ideas

This is what our children want to have achieved when they leave

St John the Baptist School.

Strong friendships and good relationships.

To be responsible and always willing to try our best.

To remember to keep on praying and never forget our faith.

To be strong, determined, optimistic people.

To have achieved our goals and to know what we would like to achieve in the future.

To have learnt the ‘rules of life’.

To believe in ourselves.

To be able to express our feelings.

Our Vision

At SJB we are privileged to have the most amazing views – a constant reminder of the wonder and beauty of God’s creation.

Our vision is inspired by this, and by the ideas expressed by our children.

We will work together to ensure that they develop the confidence, knowledge and skills, to expand their horizons and reach for the stars. We want our children to believe that with trust in God, and with the help of the whole school community, they can achieve what they aim for and have a fulfilling life; rich with the rewards that faith and learning bring to heart, mind, body and spirit.

Our Mission

To achieve our vision, we are committed to creating a learning community, where each person feels welcomed, trusted, valued and supported; and where every decision that’s made is centred on our children, their education, their future.

We will:

v Lead by example, by striving to live the message of the gospels in our interactions with each other, and in our commitment to prayer and worship.

v Create learning opportunities that will inspire our children to have the strength of spirit, courage of mind and the knowledge and skills to achieve their goals.

v Develop in our children a deep understanding and respect for the different groups represented in society, and a desire to become proud, interested and responsible citizens of the future.

v Foster the continuing development of staff, parents and governors in serving this school and this community.